The Incantation ✨🕳

This collection depicts some Aliens 👽 who drowned in a wormhole and traveled back in time. they then proceed to make some changes in history.

The unknown has always been fascinating for us, and I personally have always been fascinated by information about black holes, time travel, and life in other parts of the universe.

I use geometric shapes as an element to make the concept of time travel easier to understand and to create a connection between the past and the future.

I believe that we have a rich history of art and now I am somehow trying to reconstruct the past by presenting a new dimension and meaning.

In this collection, I have deformed the shape of hands and face, mostly in a stretched way. This is to show the spirit of aliens occupying the historical characters bodies. The reason they manifest themselves in this way is because hands and face are two body parts that best represent our feelings and emotions

The birth of a wormhole After passing through the walls of history and time, their souls were dissolved in here to discover the secrets of unknown world | 5000*6000 px | 2.54 MB
Crash Landing in 1783 ” 18th Century ” – 5000*6000 – 4.40 MB
The First Supper – They just tried their First Supper on Earth – 5000*6000 – 3.43 MB
Migration Of Venus To The Mars – They moved Venus in 1532 , to be queen of Mars forever – 5000*6000 – 5.31 MB
Aliens Offering Immortality To Rebecca – An Old Testament Scene – 5000*6000 – 14.7 MB

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