Zahra Paryari born in 1993 Tehran; where she lives and works.

Soore University alumna 2016 Bachelor of Arts

Her activity as an artist includes three group exhibitions:

  • “Vitrine” exhibition held in Sobhan gallery 2015
  • “How” exhibition held in Saye gallery 2016
  • “Kharab Khore” exhibition held in A gallery 2019




“Vitrines are frameless and the infinite choices in them shows their vastness.

The contrasts, repetitions and multiplicity of the indications used, imply the variety of taste and culture in a society. My attempt was to create Reality therapy using different elements.”


  • Hidden Nuts

We live in a world of rules and boundaries.  Truth is the only unknown…

My intension were not to define the inherent entity of the characters but rather showing them as they are, in appearance.

In fact my attempt was to transfer their true nature from inside to the out. (Through clothes and appearance.)